Sweet Baby Collection: Onesies and Pillow Boxes

Greetings everyone! Today I'm posting my baby invites collection which I call: My Sweet Baby. I love the teddy, pacifier, safety pin, baby rattle, and baby bracelet cutouts. These cute little onesie invitations are so adorable. These are perfect for baptism, a baby shower, and first birthday. I also made matching pillow boxes for party giveaways.

Star, paste green, embossed dots, baby bracelet tag

Sweet Baby pastel yellow, embossed dots, baby rattle tag

Sweet Baby embossed pastel pink, pacifier tag

Sweet baby invitation and pillow favor box. Invitation size: 4.25"x6". Pillow box size: 2"x 3.25".

Cute matching pillow favor box, great for small party giveaways and candies.
My little Captain America invitation with matching pillow favor box
Printing inside with organza ribbon
Blue teddy with embossed circles and gems, safety pin tag. Also available: yellow teddy
Printing inside
Blue onesie with large circles, pacifier tag and personalized photo
this one, with a different tag. Assorted tags available.

Cute Captain America Pillow Favor Box