Barbie Handbag Invitation

Every Barbie must have one of this - A handbag!
Fabulous invitation for your little divas, pre-teens, teens, and Barbie afficionados (like me!)
Pearl handle
Embossed detail on flap
A young girl's silhouette
Fully printed body (stripe) in pink scented cardstock
Oval recipient's tag (where you write your guest's name)
Invitation inside (3"x8" scented paper)

Bag size: 3" base, 3.25" height
Open to reveal invitation inside

Invitation, printed on special scented paper
Front: Barbie Silhouette and embossed detail on the flap

Back side: oval tag

For orders: Minimum is 30 pieces.  
Budget: 43.00 per piece

Thanks for looking!