Sugar and Spice Music CD Invitation

Good day everyone! I had so much fun creating these music CD birthday invitations for Nadya. She's turning eleven this month, and her ever supportive mother asked me to make her party invites in Sugar and Spice theme. How cute is that?! Let's see how'd it turned out...

Nadya is half Indonesian and half Filipino. Her music CD features three Indonesian songs, selected by her mom

Candy and spice colors are featured here. The main invitation is found inside. The CD cover is digitally printed on high quality paper (230gsm). The CD label is printed using Canon inkjet.

I really think this set is fun. Perfect for an eleven year old.

Photos of Nadya courtesy of Rey Fortuna for  Vista de Lente events and Lifestyle Photography. Photos taken at the studio in Zamboanga City.
Minimum number of pieces to order: 30 pieces 
Budget: 160.00 per piece* with custom envelope
140.00 each without custom envelope
(burning of songs into the cd is priced separately)