Beautiful Scroll Arabian Nights

One of my dream projects is making a scroll invitation. Dowels are hard to find here in Zamboanga City, if you need them, you may have to hire someone to make them for you. But I found a store who sells them, dusty as they are, bundled up under more stuff.
The inspiration for this piece was Arabian Nights with Jasmine and Aladdin. The gold and silver tones evoke royalty, while the gems speak of wealth. I hand-made the gold box and decorated it with Parisian motif and border.

I hand-painted the dowels with gold enamel. I like the pretty paisley motif when they are arranged on the borders. They have a Moroccan feel. I also like the fonts used.
The bottom part has a different paisley design
 This scroll invitation measures 6 inches by 12 inches, while the box measures 2 inches (square) and is 7 inches long. The design is unique, and best of all, it is hand-made.

Minimum number of pieces to order: 50 pieces


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