Birds Of Paradise Wedding Invitation

This invitation has a tropical feel, with hues of blue green, blue and orange. The images of the flower, Birds of Paradise, was requested by the groom, as he wanted his wedding to be more exotic, "an opposite" of what he sees in his hometown in Germany.

Size: 6.5" x 6.6"
trifold envelope
Printed with imaged on the front and back
Belt with label
Printed on white cardstock (220 grammage) with metallic effects

When opened:

Main invitation on the top
Entourage page with couples' photo is placed in the pocket
pocket bears RSVP and gift details

Adding a luxurious feel is the DOUBLE LAYER on the main invitation

The entourage page is printed on a semi transparent paper. 
The couple's photo is printed separately.

This is the printing on the back.

Minimum pieces to order: 50 pieces

Budget: Php 130.00 per piece