Ice Cream with Cherry Top Invitation

What can be any cuter than an ice cream invitation, topped with a cherry and a birthday candle? I really enjoyed creating this invitation and I love how it turned out.

Sooo yummy!
size: 5 inches tall

Two scoops please...
size: 6 inches tall

 I want another flavor!

 Invite details goes on the blank space, which is hidden inside the cone pocket

 Oh, so many textures! The ice cream is decorated with a cherry and a candle (I actually saw a candy shaped lie a candle!). And those sparkly stuff are not ordinary glitters, they're STICKLES! Please allow me to just emphasize that, because they shine better than ordinary glitter glue (and a bottle cost more!).


 Just take out the ice cream from the cone to see the invitation!

This one has no candle on it (as requested by the client)