Save The Date Postcard

Save The Date - Postcard Style

A save the date is a notice stating the date of a significant event such as a wedding. It is typically sent to those likely to be interested or affected by the event and states the planned date of the occasion so that recipients who wish to attend know to keep that date free. Whilst some people choose to send a save the date notice, other couples might just advise friends and family verbally.

For weddings, save the dates usually take the form of a card, but can also be a refrigirator magnet or similar item. They are generally sent out at least six to twelve months before the wedding date, and are usually followed by a formal wedding invitation. 

While save the date started as a wedding-related custom, it is now used by individuals, businesses, and organizations to announce the date of any formal event, ranging from wedding anniversaries to grand opening ceremonies for office buildings.

Postcard style
4" x 6" size card
With customized envelope - shimmery, gold paper (pictured here)

I sent these cards to my client in Ilo Ilo City, Philippines.

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