Lady Bug Purses

Hi! Welcome to INKpressive invitations! Today I'm posting my Ladybug purse creation that is now ready for shipping, yey! For those who want to have their items shipped flat, here's an idea.... We ship the items flat, all elements ready to be assembled, plus we send a model. Of course, this one is really easy to assemble, and is self-explanatory.

Now here's the model that goes with the shipment. This is my original piece. I'm glad the client liked the design that I custom-made for her daughter's birthday party.

Size: 4" wide x 3" tall, with 2" base
The handle is made of 2 layers of cardstock in red and black, and is attached with a brad on the sides of the purse. Printing is digital.

The flower serves as a clasp for the flap. It is made of chipboard and embellished with a rhinestone. I really like this one.

This item is 100% handmade and the design is original. I got the cute cliparts from Etsy.

 For orders:
Minimum order is 35 pieces.
We ship anywhere in the Philippines.
We also accept orders from abroad and ship via Fed Ex.
Shipping and Handling is charged to the client.
Please fill up the ORDER FORM