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Inkpressive Invitations is a small, family-owned business. We take pride of our skills and  God-given talents. Our workers consist of 2 full-time craft cutters and assemblers, 1 part-time cutter/assembler, 1 freelance layout artist, and 1 full-time designer. We can only have a handful of selected clients in a month to ensure that orders are well-taken care of. 

photo courtesy of Rey Fortuna

Photo courtesy of Rey Fortuna

After 3 and a half years of basically working in the living room of my home,
I've finally decided to put up a studio in a new building downtown.
Though I love the thought of working at home while my kids play with all the paper cuttings,
my home cannot accommodate additional staff and more equipment.

This is my studio...
early phase of construction- February 2014

Inkpressive Studio- April 2014

Lights testing- May 2014
INKpressive invitations Studio August 2014
A Short History...

I believe that details are everything and its fun to create something different. 

Invitation making started in 2010 as a hobby at home with only the basic craft tools: paper, trimmer, scissors, and basic printer. I started making invitations for my brother and then for friends who believed in my craft. It was really simple back then. I photographed my samples and posted them online. 

When I started picking up clients from different places in the Philippines, I knew that there's something special about this hobby. For two years, I worked on our small dining table, invested on better crafting tools, and read more about the latest trends in invitation making, and the business side of it. 

On the side, I practiced card-making and brought back my scrapbooking skills to life. My sister influenced me to blog, hence this blog was born.

Back in my mind, I have that dream of having my own craft room with a huge table and a well-organized space. I wanted a lovely chandelier! The good news came in the last quarter of 2013, when my husband (a photographer) announced that a new building will rise to house their studio, and a part of that space will be for my business. Building that dream was so exciting. And then finally, on June 2014, I opened the lights to my studio. 

I am a Doctor of Medicine by profession (passed the Physician's Licensure Exam Board in August 2004). I've worked in several private and public hospitals in the past and currently, I have a day job as a Public Health Physician. I'm a mom of 2 doting kids and a wife to an amazingly supportive husband. 

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to know more about me.