Something Blue

I was able to create something blue for a friend who married his wife again last December 2010. Their color motif was light blue. Since no other information was given, I decided to use one of my collections. 
I created a three-piece invitation with blue and white floral silhouettes. The monogram and the stamp design was made especially for the couple. A silver belt served as a closure. 
Unique Idea: The event stylist used the monogram as a wall decor at the reception. 
Look, isn't this a lovely idea?

I also created several versions of their invitations just to see how it would turn out using different techniques. As seen above, I used frosted paper as the invite's
envelope and a shimmery belt. The recipient's tag goes with this invitation.
A dainty trimming on the edge is another design that I made for the envelope. 
 This is a horizontal version of the envelope with an S-shaped edge. Simple yet lovely.
So there, I've made four envelope designs, each with its unique style.
 To see more of my designs, you may visit my Facebook page Inkpressive Invitations.