Music Themed Invitation CD 18th Birthday Kate

I like browsing for Music Themed Invitations.
Here's one of my favorite creations, a Music Themed Invitation CD.

Music Themed Invitation CD
I really love the concept of this Music Themed Invitation CD. It was inspired by one of my favorite 
Britney Spears albums of all time. So I created the cover design to look like it.
photo courtesy: Big Mike Muin

I totally love Britney

I love it!!
I also designed the CD label
Music Themed Invitation CD 18th birthday

 photo courtesy: Big Mike Muin

And this is the whole set. 
Other details about the debut are at the back of the front cover.

I hurried outside to have a little photo shoot of my finished pieces. After making a hundred fifty of these by hand, it's hard not to get attached. I love them all.

And the invitation gets packed in this pretty envelope box in deep purple with fuschia pink embossed floral accent, two layers of silk and organza ribbon, and a card that says VIP PASS. Fascinating 18th birthday invitation, indeed.